F-C25 Facial Tissue Bundling Packing Machine

  • F-C25 Facial tissue bundling packing machine

    F-C25 Facial tissue bundling packing machine

    1,It is suitable for packing facial tissue paper and other related similar content compact with automatic leaflet folding ,box opening and loading ,then sealing the box .

    2,It adopts PLC control ,photo electricity supervision to coordinate with every parts .

    3,Automatic stop and trouble display when machine running exceptional in order to solving troubles in time.

    4,This machine can be used separately,and also can connect with facial tissue log saw cutting machine on line.

    Main Features and Advantages

    1) Running in a high speed, this packing machine adopts full servo technology, touch screen and PLC control system. It makes the final products are neat and good looking.

    2) The machine is designed to have a quick, flexible format changeover. Besides it takes less than 5 minutes to change.

    3)Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts and operation parts. Such as PLC Control System, Touch Screen, Relay, Servo Motor, Standard cylinder, TN type cylinder, Gas source processor, Pressure switch, Electromagnetic valve, Sensor and Electric switch and so on.