We are very honored to be trusted by the Bahrain company this time, and to work together on the toilet paper production line project. Thank you for trusting FEXIK.

The cooperation with the fully automated toilet paper production line mainly includes toilet paper rewinder machine, toilet paper cutting machine, toilet paper bundle machine, and fully automated machinery to save labor costs for customers.

Customer saw our video on YOUTUBE, after quotation, detailed communication, various video conferences, and the customer’s venue was limited, our engineers and customer also spent a lot of time discussing solutions in this regard, including the original paper used by the customer. Heavy, packaging film materials, coiled tube materials, and packaging specifications were all discussed and confirmed one by one. In the end, our professionalism won the trust of customers. After 6 months of contact, the customer finally placed an order to us.

And in May 2021, the machine has been shipped to Bahrain.

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