F-B120 Full Automatic High-speed Facial Tissue Carton Packing Machine

Short Description:

Main Feature
1. Adopts automatic material conveying, box opening, feeding, batch No. printing, glue spraying, box sealing, with compact
reasonable structure, easy for operation.

2. Adopts servo motor / sept motor, PLC touch screen programmer system, human-machine display, easy for operate, and design with higher mechanization and hommization.
3. Adopts full automatic arrange converying structure, easy connect with automatic line producing, make reduce the labor cost.
4. Adopts automatic photocell eye tracking system for empty box, and save the pack material xost.
5. With widely packing range, easy adjustable for different specification requirements.
6. Change the different size just adjust the machine no need change the mould.
7. With automatic stopping for the miss box feeding, also has the overload protection.

  • FOB Price: US$40000-50000/Piece
  • Product Detail

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    Key Features and Performance

    1. High output. The stable speed can reach 80 boxes/minute.

    2. Complete functions. The machine is suitable for various applications such as semi-cover/full-cover, or high paper and low box/low paper and high box.

    3. Rapid production changing. It only takes 10-20 minutes to change the specifications.

    4. Convenient operation. It is easy to control the servo paper feeding and PLC control system.

    5. Low cost. The imported glue machine with a nozzle of 0.3mm is adopted and the glue-spread is little.

    6. Automatically material feeding, Box Opening, Box loading, Reboxing, Glue-spraying, Sealing etc.

    7. Servo Motor, Touch Screen, PLC control system; and HMI displaying. It is compact, highly automatic and easy to operate.

    8. Automatic material sorting and convey system; Convenient to integrate with Automatic Production Machine Equipment Line; It will greatly reduce the labour costs.

    9. Optical electric sensing tracking system; No box providing for empty bag; it will utmost save the packing material

    10. Wide packing range and convenient to adjust; Fast reloading and replacement among different packing sizes

    11. No need to massive replace the packing tooling for changing the packing specifications while just need to adjust or replace individual part.

    12. Automatic stop if product bagging not in place and Overload protecting devices for main motor; More safety and reliable

    13. Up-welling type protecting cover can be optional as per customers request. It is aesthetic and east to operate


    Application range:

    It is suitable for automatic boxing of facial tissues, square tissues, pocket tissues,cotton tissues etc.

    Main technical parameters

    Items Technical parameters
    Packing dimension (mm) Max:L240mm×W120mm×H100mm
    Packing dimension (mm) Min:L110mm×W110mm×H30mm
    Paper requirement 300-400G/M3
    packing speed(bags/min) 85pcs/min
    Lamination unit NORDSON gluing system
    Glue machine power supply(KW) 2.32
    Packing machine power supply(KW) 2.74
    Totally power supply(KW) 5.1
    Electric type 3phase 4wire
    Machine noise(DB) less than 80
    Weight (KG) 3500
    Outline dimension (mm) 3513×3023×1650
    Air supply(MPA) 0.5-0.8



    Zode Box Drawing Type Automatic Facial Paper Tissue Making Packaging Machine 85 Pcs/min Production Capacity about 80db 2.32KW

    Company Information

    LIUZHOU FEXIK INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter of tissue paper machinery in China, dedicating to whole complete automatic household tissue production line equipment from raw paper to finished package. Our products include toilet rolls,packing machine,kitchen towel packaging machine,facial tissue packing machine,toilet paper and kitchen towel production line,facial tissue and hand towel production line,which are exported to middle east Asian countries,Americas,Europe and Africa.

    FEXIK company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, which is divided into official area, parts processing centre, spare parts assembly line, whole machine assembly center and finished machine testing center.

    We have been committing to research and innovation for many years.We have a team of professional designers, so that all the machines of FEXIK are independently researched and designed. Our company has a number of national invention patents,and have passed the international certification CE, ISO9001. These innovations are dedicated predominantly to the tissue paper converting and packaging machinery. We can design a whole line solution for clients from rewinding, cutting, packaging, conveying and stacking--CAD.Product design is able to adapt to the global market packaging. Packaging design can be customized according to clients’ requirement.Improve product technical performance to promote production stability, thereby our machines can reduce product loss and energy consumption. Efficient and orderly production process and numerous high-precision processing equipment can ensure that products are delivered on time with quality and quantity.

    We uphold the principle of quality first, customer supreme, scientifically management, striving for famous brand. We export tissue paper machinery around the world, not only can provide high quality products for customers, but also can provide customized products. FEXIK company will continue to enhance its core competitiveness, optimize product structure, improve management mechanisms and actively introduce technical personnel. With strong technical strength. We continually commit to design, develop, and promote our products, which not only can provide customers with high-quality products, but also provide with customized products.




    We focus on research and innovation for many years. With full independent intellectual property rights, FEXIK Machinery has passed international certification I S O 9 0 0 1 and many national invention patents. We have full independent intellectual property rights.



    As an exhibitor, we are so glad to have the opportunities to showcase our toilet tissue paper roll and kitchen towel roll packaging machine and other household paper production line machines and technology to a broad audience of tissue industry professionals from all over the world.


    Our Services

    1. One year maintenance service. Damage spare part can be exchanged from our company directly(excluding the easy damaged goods).

    2. After one year, we will continue to assist you both on technical problem and the quality level for long-term.

    3. We offer the DVD for machine operation and install, the DVD and all manual shipped  together with the machines.

    4. We welcome you to offer us the paper sample, we can design the machine in OEM.

    Packing And Shipping



    1. Are you trading company or manufacturer?

    We are a factory, welcome to our factory.

    2. Do you provide design?

    We can design a whole line solution for clients from rewinding, cutting, packaging, conveying and stacking--CAD, provide the best solutions.

    3. How much area the whole production line needs?
    The best way is telling us your workshop area, then we will draw a draft for you to ensure the rational use of your space.

    4. Do you offer guarantee for the machine?

    Yes, we offer 12 months guarantee for the machine and training how to install and use the machine, If the customer needs, we can also provide overseas after-sales service.

    5. Can we use the bags we provide for the machine?

    We support sample testing.

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