Facial tissue folding machine

  • ZD-NL Facial tissue folding machine

    ZD-NL Facial tissue folding machine

    Full automatically facial tissue paper folding machine. This model is designed to produce “link type” soft/box-drawing facial tissue, that’s mean, each sheet link together, draw the top tissue, the head of next sheet will come out the box. And this machine can produce either embossed or without embossed for customers’ selection. It has a feature of tight structure, easy operation, stable operation and elaborate designed. We can make the machine with 7 lines, 8 lines, 10 lines.

    1. Fully automatic control: PLC computer programming, frequency conversion speed regulation, multi-picture touch-screen operation system.

    2. Novel transverse cutting knife type: Upper knife is pneumatic separation integral fixed knife; lower knife is integral rotary knife. Easy to paper.

    3. Professional-grade suspension-type control box, easy to operate and elegant in look.

    4. Movable rubber arc spreading roller prevents paper corrugation and eliminates dust accumulation and finished-product pollution.

    5. The overall machine adopts synchronized girdle and flat-belt transmission, cone pulley type tension adjustment for high-precision transmission and maintenancefree operation.

    6. Wallboard type machine and overall steel base plate with firm structure to ensure stability of high speed machine running.

    7. Automatic counting and stacking device, with the advantages of fast speed, accurate quantity, etc..

    8. Can be equipped with embossed plastic composite and printing device. (According to customer’s requirement) 3. The vertical cutting mechanism of patent technology has high cutting quality; The cutting knife is durable, the life is long, and the cost of changing the knife is low; Simple structure, easy to operate, adjust, maintain, etc…