F-J25/J25A toilet roll bundling packing machine

  • F-J25A Toilet tissue roll bundling packing machine

    F-J25A Toilet tissue roll bundling packing machine

    F-J25 toilet tissue roll bundling packing machine is one of the most popular packaging machine in China. It is designed to have a quick, flexible format changeover. Adopting the high technical device, this model of machine can completes automatically the whole process from feeding, arranging, opening the bag, filling into the bag, inserting angle and sealing. The pusher has the function of vacuum adsorption, finished product is with beautiful sealing. The machine can adjust the tightness of sealing, all the adjustment on machine has proportion. Ensure the accuracy and efficiency. Also can adjust to suitable temperature of sealing position according to the material and thickness of PE bag. Design with two sets of PE plastic bag storage, can hang 250 pcs PE bag each side, totally 500 pcs, when one side use out, machine will change to another side automaticly.

    1) Packing material is PE Bag, finished product is with carry handle.

    2)It adopts advanced servo drive, touch screen and PLC control system.

    3)This machine is designed to have various specifications format changeover between toilet roll and kitchen towel , it thanks to the advanced double layer arrangement system.

    4)Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.

    5)Advance 2 layers feeding systerm, can meet the demands of customers with 1 layer and 2 layer configuration of finished product.