Do you know toilet paper machine production process?

In today life, toilet paper is an indispensable product that is used everywhere to be found. but how do you know its production process ? from the first step to it is been put on market through various complicated steps, one of the most important is the toilet paper making machine.

Moreover, The process of making toilet paper includes the selection of raw materials, cooking and separating fibers, and washing and bleaching. Then, the pulp is concentrated into flakes and stored for later use. The next steps involve the pulping process, including the preparation of various additives, beating, surface sizing, and drying. Toilet paper machine is a machine that is used to manufacture toilet paper. This paper is available in different sizes, from large rolls to small ones. These machines are made by using various raw materials. There are many manufacturers that can provide the perfect toilet paper production line that meets your needs. This article will give you a detailed look at how these machines work and which one is right for you. It is a good idea to choose a reliable manufacturer.

High Speed Non-stop Full Automatic Toilet Paper Towel Making Machine Production Line is to perforate and cut the raw paper into various sizes according to the requested. The finished product is neat, in good order and with equality tension. It has the feature of compact structure, easy and stable operation, less electricity consumption and covers a small area. The highest production speed is 200-250M/min.

Characteristics of High Speed Non-stop Full Automatic Toilet Paper Towel Making Machine Production Line

This machine  can be adjusted to produce different size of kitchen towel and toilet paper. It means you buy one production line machines that you can produce many size of kitchen towel and toilet paper,it is very cost-effctive. Non-stop type machine,continuously rewind. Servo motor controls running acceleration,web-break at the perforated line steadily and precisely. Each unit is driven by independent servo motor,could easily adjust web tension of each position, after years could still guarantee the accuracy of product total length and perforation size,and roll tension. Simple structure decreases failure rate. Adopt high-precision NC machined large diameter blade shaft. Patented technology:use constant-vacuum system to start rewind fast and wrinkles.


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