What is the factors For Choosing A Facial Tissue Machine?

A facial tissue machine is used to produce tissue wipes for facial use. For instance, you wipe your face with a moist paper towel or apply a dry paper towel on your face to wipe sweat. But have you ever thought about how these facial tissue are manufactured? Well, it is the facial tissue making machine that performs this job.


If you decide to buy a facial tissue machine then you have to consider some important factors.


If the facial tissue machine is not able to make top-quality tissue product , then there will be no buyers as everyone wants to use high-quality facial tissue. Remember that facial tissue  are used on the skin and their quality will have a direct impact on the user’s body. Thus, if its quality is bad, it may result in rashes and skin infections. Therefore, to look for the facial tissue making machine with good good quality results in the quality of the facial tissue product .


Make sure your chosen facial tissue production line is well designed to perform each manufacturing step efficiently. The production capacity, the softness of the final product, the emboss effect and ect. These factors should be considered from the  Functionality of the facial tissue machine.


The cost of the machine is one of the key factors that cannot be ignored. First, analyze your budget and then find a machine whose cost matches your budget. Always compare the prices of more than two companies so that you can choose an affordable tissue folding machine. And the most important thing is to balance the quality and the cost. Just as the saying goes, “we get what we pay for”.

Layout and Installation

Facial tissue production line, especially the fully automatic type, is quite big , and it is not an easy task to arrange the layout and install them. Therefore, it is very important to make sure your supplier of facial tissue making machine offer you the professional proposal on layout and installation.


No matter from which supplier you buy the machine, please make sure it gets delivered on time. A delay in delivery  of the production equipment can affect your productivity . That’s why on-time delivery is demanding and necessary.

Therefore, in conclusion, to find a reliable supplier of the facial tissue production is very important. You may find lots of facial tissue production line manufacturers, so you need to be careful in choosing the right manufacturer. The best way is to look for customers’ reviews and testimonials so that you can know about the quality and performance of their machines.

Here at FEXIK, we sell top-quality and best-performing facial tissue making machines. Not only the domestic customers in China, but also the clients all over the world, our machines are always with good reputation due to our top quality and top service .


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Post time: Jul-08-2022