Four facial tissue packaging lines were installed and put into production in October in Guizhou

Chengdu Jieshi Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. was established in December 2002, focusing on the production and processing of quality household paper. Its own brand “Roubeijia” has been loved and recognized by many consumers. Its products include: kitchen towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, facial tissue and so on. Due to the needs of the company strategic development, Guizhou Jieshi Daily Products Co., Ltd. was newly established next to Chitianhua Paper Company, No. 208, Chuangye Road, Jinhua Street, Chishui City, Guizhou Province, which was put into production in early October 2021.


Guizhou Jieshi Daily Products Co., Ltd. choose to cooperate with ZODE machinery Company from many competitors suppliers in China, considered four facial tissue packaging lines at a time. The four facial tissue production lines were installed and put into production in October.
Four facial tissue packing lines including four automatic facial tissue single packing wrapping machines (full servo controlled, maximum stable speed 150packs/min) and four automatic facial tissue bundle packing machines(full servo controlled, 23packs/min stable speed). They are connected with automatic log saw cutting machines and automatic facial tissue folding machines. The total production capacity can be reached to 600 packs/min, which mainly used for e-commerce sales. China’s e-commerce is developing rapidly. Everyone is more inclined to shop online, and the amount of purchase at one time is very large. Therefore, this production capacity is not large, and the new company’s products have just been put into production. It needs more time to settle and occupy the market. And more production lines will be added in the future to increase production capacity. The support from Guizhou Jieshi Daily Products Co., Ltd. is greatly appreciated. We hope that our facial tissue production lines can contribute to their production capacity and create greater value for customers. We are looking forward to continuing further and deeper cooperation with Jieshi Daily Products Co., Ltd.


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Post time: Nov-30-2021