How Facial Tissue Making Machine Works ?

FEXIK facial tissue making machine is a machine used to produce sheets of facial tissues from a single roll of raw material. This facial tissue making machine has an automatic film packing machine, which is ideal for packing square tissues, napkins, and facial tissue. It is also capable of correcting the shape of the tissue, including bad head and trapezoidal shapes. After packaging, the shape of the tissue will be square. This facial tissue making machine can save a lot of time and money. Compared to the manual machine, an automatic machine has fewer moving parts. A good facial tissue machine has an automated system that combines cutting, embossing, folding, counting, conveying, sealing box, and a vacuum adsorption system. The high-speed machine is also equipped with three tension adjustment devices. It has a whole flower and fringe embossing function and can be configured to fit the customer’s needs.微信图片_20220319145429

Once the finished facial tissue reaches the desired length, the cylinder on the paper support plate is raised and pushed into the packaging station. The film guides of the machine are synchronized to perform the vertical sealing. After that, the upper and lower film guides are folded down and the side iron finishes the individual packing. A facial tissue packaging machine has a sophisticated control panel. Its operating speed is stable and there is no abnormal noise or vibration.

The facial tissue machine usually starts at 100 to 150 m/min and gradually increases the speed after stabilization. The cylinder lifts the finished facial tissue and pushes it into the packaging station. The packaging pushrod is used to seal the film vertically. Then, a moving film guide folds the film up or down, and the side iron completes the individual packing. The facial tissue packaging machine is designed with a refined control panel. Its operating speed is stable and there is no abnormal noise or vibration.

The vacuum folding machine holds the folded paper and has an automatic stagger counter. It is suitable for making facial tissues with different lengths and shapes. It can be fitted with different features, including an embossing unit. Depending on the requirements of the customer, a paper with embossed designs can be fitted to a machine. In this way, facial tissues are produced in a wide variety of sizes. And while it may not be as sophisticated as the toilet paper machine, it is a good option for a small-scale business.

A good facial tissue making machine is an investment that pays for itself in just a few days. The machine has many features that will help it work efficiently. It has a two-metre buffer conveyor belt for the raw paper and a servo motor to control the feeding of the wrapping film. A rotary spring cutting machine, which is controlled by a servo motor, will automatically cut the film after it has cut the paper. It is important to note that the smallest piece of paper can affect the final product.


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