How To Increase Production Efficiency With A Tissue Converting Machine?

Tissue processing paper is mainly the cutting of large paper rolls into smaller rolls and folded products for sale. In a high-speed and precise process, additional economic value and important functional properties can be added to tissue products at the same time. This chapter describes the processing of paper towels, including winding, embossing, printing, cutting and folding.

We refer to “paper towel and tissue processing machinery” as a complete set of paper writing service machinery starting from soft paper or raw paper rolls, providing finished toilet paper rolls, paper towels, paper towels, napkins, hand towels, etc. folded) and industrial towels (large rolls of towels for professional applications) are also known as JRTs. These JRT making machines are very different: you can find almost manual machines like semi-automatic start-stop machines and fully automatic non-stop machines, all processes managed by PLCs, servo motors and control panels. A touch screen, so the worker only needs to control the machine to do the good work. Also: the conversion takes much less time and is more accurate.

You can increase your business production efficiency by using FEXIK’s tissue converting machine which is designed to make it easy to change the blades of its rolls. Its automatic blade changing solution reduces downtime and the operator risk of getting into contact with the blades. The blade changes can be completed in less than four minutes, thereby ensuring maximum productivity. In addition, this machine reduces your insurance costs.

The paper tissue converting machinery ranges from basic toilet paper rolls to big towel rolls. The machines also include unwinding and rewinding, printing, ply-bonding, tail sealing, log storage, and cutting. In addition to toilet paper rolls, the machinery is also used in kitchen and bath towels. Industrial-grade towel rolls, hand towels, and table napkins can all be produced using a tissue converting machine.

Moreover, the manufacturing of tissue is a hygienic process. Tissue products, such as table napkins, handkerchiefs, and baby diapers, are hygienic products. The pH level of water used in the machine must be kept within a narrow range of 6.8 – 7.6. There are also a number of chemical products designed to make the process more efficient. Ultimately, you must determine your requirements to make sure your machine is built to suit your needs.




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