What is the manufacturing process of paper towels making machine?

The process of paper towel manufacturing starts from the creation of paper pulp. The pulp is cleaned and bleached before being processed on a drying cylinder. It then scrapes off the pulp with the aid of a roller until it reaches the required thickness. Then, the final product is sprayed with a water-based glue that helps keep the pulp from being wiped off. The next step is to make the paper towel using a creping or embossing device.Once the paper pulp is created, it is processed through a drying cylinder, known as a Yankee dryer, which dries the pulp. This enables it to be pressed on a roller for the desired thickness. After it dries, a water-based glue is sprayed on the roller to prevent the pulp from being scraped off. Then, the paper towel is finished by forming a roll and a cutter.

Automatic V fold 7 lines facial tissue making machine is an excellent choice for production of high-quality facial tissue. This machine has automatic functions and is very easy to operate. It can produce high-quality, uniform finished product. In addition, it can reduce the labour cost in producing paper products. It can produce tissues from Nonwoven and Airlaid. It can also cut jumbo rolls to the desired width. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for all types of tissue-making businesses.

The V fold tissue machine features cutting-off, embossing and a “C” fold to create high-quality facial tissues. This machine is highly convenient, sanitary and economical. It uses the original creation full vacuum absorption technology, a pneumatic paper separation system, and a Roots type vacuum pump to ensure the highest quality product. Moreover, it is equipped with a count-and-dispense function.The machine uses “C”-type folding and cutting-off of towel paper. It can produce up to 1000 pieces per minute. The speed of this machine is determined by the quality of paper and napkin size. The speed depends on the gsm, paper type, and size. In addition, the cylinder cut-off size determines the speed of the machine. It is suitable for high-quality hand towels and facial tissues.

FEXIK V fold paper towel making machine has 10 lanes. It uses a double-fold process for making facial tissues. It can cut off the towel paper with precision and speed and emboss it with an attractive pattern. The machine also features automatic fold counting and vacuum suction functions. Its design is both functional and aesthetic. It is constructed of hard-wearing nylon and chromium-plated 45# steel which  is an ideal choice for any business. It uses “C”-style folding and embossing technology to make facial tissue paper. This machine has multiple functions and is highly efficient.

The fully automatic high speed toilet roll kitchen towel production line is designed to cut the paper into various sizes and shapes, including “C”-type, 4-ply, and 6-ply tissues. It can also emboss and count the sheets, and can produce towels at a high rate. A speedless tension control unit is an essential feature of the V Fold Tissue Making Machine. This model has the ability to automatically measure and set the number of folds for the desired product. This machine produces a wide variety of tissues, such as tissue-making sheets. The process of making these products is simple and inexpensive. One of the best things about the V fold Tissue Making Machine is the wide selection of available styles. It is not only easy to use, but it also saves money on the materials and labor costs. This is the ideal choice for any home-based business. This model can be used to create multiple types of papers.


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