The Detailed Toilet Paper Making Process:

Repulping: repulping process should make sure repulping concentration, repulping time and pulp drawing time. The repulping concentration and time determine the defibering degree of pulp. The pulp drawing concentration is the basic condition for the next process. Put the raw material into pool. When you set the right time, you can get stable pulp.


Defibrination: fiberizer can grind the pulp material more evenly. It is an important toilet manufacturing process. The appropriate pulp degree can enhance the paper quality.


Batching pulp: because of high productivity, the large toilet machine has upper pulp material and lower pulp material. You can add some medicament and chemical component to promote the health of paper.


Forming: in the forming section, a slurry of fibre (usually wood , waste paper fibres) is drained to create a continuous paper web.


Pressing: through pressing, the extra water can be squeezed out.


Drying: drying the wet paper is the final process of making toilet paper.


Now, are you familiar with toilet paper manufacturing process? Do you know how to produce toilet paper? Certainly, you can see the production video to help you know the manufacturing of toilet paper clearly.

Post time: Jun-11-2022