Who is the first invention of tissue paper roll film packaging machine manufacturers in China?

The Only High Speed Tissue Paper Roll Film Wrapping Machine of China:
F-T8 Intelligent Tissue Paper Roll Wrapping Machine

Nowadays, with the increasing demand for toilet paper and kitchen towel, factories are expanding production, along with the increase in the packaging speed and performance requirements. As the F-T8 wrapping machine comes out, These requirements have a perfect solution.


F-T8 is the only high speed tissue roll film wrapping machine in China, developed by ZODE’s most elite design team who spent years creating this remarkable machine.

F-T8 is a new generation wrapping machine with highest production speed on the market and at the same time around 40% less energy consumption comparing to known conventional models which declare same or similar speed. Compared with traditional precast bag packing method, F-T8 uses plastic film or paper as packing material, greatly reduce the packaging materials waste that generated in the production process. There is no need to customize precast bags of different sizes for different packaging specifications. Instead, F-T8 can intelligently adjust your packing specification, wrapping your paper with film and reduce the packing cost.

F-T8 is the first machine on the Chinese market using iTRAK which allows to maintain perfect shape of the packs, even when running on speeds above 160 packs/min at the same time grants extremely easy and fastest changeover time. It only takes a very short time to realize the changeover of 1-60 rolls packaging specifications. It needs only one machine to realize customers’ various demands in packing specification. This supreme and impressive wrapper is undoubtedly a revolution in tissue packaging! We are committed to leading the transformation of tissue paper market in China, Asian even the world. F-T8 is the first step but it will not be the last step. We are still keeping moving forward!


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Post time: Mar-30-2020