We can provide solutions to customers from products choosing, designing, installing and training. The best way is telling us your workshop area, then we will draw a draft for you to ensure the rational use of your space. Our products can be customized according to the size provided by customers, customers can also provide their own packaging bags for us to test.

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We have some machine to use the pre-made bag, finished product is with carry handle or without carry handle. We also have film packaging, This model to pack toilet paper and kitchen towel multi rolls, maximum is 5 channels. According to customer requests for various types of products.

Pre-made bag packing:


Film packaging:


Companies can provide consumable accessories. Usually the maintenance period there are 12 months. If the customer needs, engineers available to service machineries oversea. We strictly abide by following the quality policy of "quality first, customer first".Guarantee that the machine supplied is brand new, advanced, mature, complete, safe and reliable high-quality performance products, and the technical and economic performance of the machine conforms to the national industry standards. We will respond within 1 hour after receiving the fault notification, and solve the problem in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Within the design and service life cycle of the machine, we shall be fully responsible for the supplies and machine supplied, ensure that the customers replace the original licensed machine spare parts, and ensure the normal use of the machine.